Further to our blog on 31st March 2020, we are following up with an update on the set of rules which will govern the JobKeeper Payment Scheme.

What is on offer?

The JobKeeper Payment is a temporary wage subsidy scheme available to businesses impacted by Covid-19. The Government will provide $1,500 (before tax) per fortnight to eligible employers per eligible employee. The scheme will run for the period 30th March 2020 to 27th September 2020.

Decline in Turnover Tests

Entities will need to satisfy the decline in turnover through a basic test or the alternative test.

Basic test compares the GST turnover of any months from March 2020 to September 2020 with a corresponding period in 2019. Businesses satisfying the test will demonstrate a shortfall of 30% or more.

Alternative test will apply when there is not an appropriate relevant comparison period in 2019. This test has not yet been established and will be determined by the Commissioner of Taxation.

The rules note that companies will need to notify the ATO of its current GST turnover for the reporting month and its projected GST turnover for the following month on a monthly basis.

The rules also note that once an employer decides to participate in the JobKeeper scheme, all eligible employees must be covered by the scheme.

The rules relating to the JobKeeper Payment are available here.

ATO Guidance

The guidance includes new information for employers, employees and tax professionals, such as tax agents being able to enrol for the JobKeeper Scheme on behalf of their clients from 20th April 2020, using the ATO Online service for agents.

Due to the fact that the JobKeeper Scheme started on 30th March 2020 and legislation passed on 7th April 2020, ATO will accept that the $1,500 payment has been paid for each of the first two fortnights even if paid late, provided it is paid by the end of April 2020.


The Australian Government has clearly outlined the rules of the JobKeeper Payment Scheme; it is urged that eligible businesses apply for the scheme to help assist with the employment of staff and business operations.

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