Finding the right team to work with on your growing business can take time.  You want to be sure you can build a relationship and enjoy working with each other, because an accountant or a bookkeeper is actually an extension of your team.  Finding an accountant who cares about what you are trying to achieve with your work and your life, can be difficult.

People who run their own businesses know that passion and dedication, combined with a clarity of direction, will ensure the venture is a success.  It makes sense to work with a team of accountants who will not only grow your business using financial insight but also work alongside you and go above and beyond, just as much as you do to drive the growth you want to see.

As two people who have started their own business also, Tony and Joe, founders of ABJ Business Solutions, work with small to medium size businesses and run numbers every month to help make strategic decisions about where to invest for growth and what to cut –  if necessary.

With a passion for small to medium sized business and experience in running businesses themselves, the team at ABJ Business Solutions is the right partner to help you realise your dreams and take your business to the next level of growth.

ABJ Business Solutions can help with:

Monthly accounts

The team at ABJ Business Solutions work with you each month to deliver accurate and timely end of month reports.  This ensures you have the clarity you need across the profit and loss statements to make the best decisions.

Bookkeeping services

The team will take care of daily bookkeeping, payroll, BAS and ATO, accounts receivable and payable, company secretarial services, cash flow forecasting and building a customised dashboard so you have access to your numbers – all the time.  You can spend more time in your business not on the admin of running it.

Financial advisory and strategy

In addition to the monthly reports, the team at ABJ Business Solutions look at accounting as a way to develop long term financial advice that will work alongside business strategy and tactics, to ensure business success.

Government Grants

ABJ Business Solutions will work with you to determine if there are any Government Grants available to your business.  If there are, ABJ Business Solutions will craft the applications to provide the best chance of winning. From there, the team at ABJ Business Solutions will help guide how to best utilise the funds for growth.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about  the ABJ Business Solutions difference, please feel free to get in touch with our team at or email