An accountant can manage many different aspects of the finance function in your business.  Yet, if you’re looking into hiring an accountant for your startup, it can be difficult sometimes to pinpoint exactly what an accountant can do for you.


Well, an accountants’ job description is difficult to describe because a good accountant will customise their services to exactly what their individual clients need.  They may offer a different set of services from one client to another, depending on what their clients each require.

Another reason why it’s difficult to describe what an accountant does is that they have a different set of services, depending on what financial stage your business is at.

The services a good accountant can provide for you while your business is still in the start-up phase will be different from what they can do for your business when it’s time to grow.

However, there are certain generalisations about what accountants can do for you.

Ways Accountants Can Help Your Business

To understand what an accountant can do for you, you have to understand two things: profit and growth.

Profit is money that you have left over after you account for the costs associated with generating revenue.  Growth is the journey in building your business to increase profit in the future.

Both are necessary parts of your business financial plan and both are the accountant’s specialty. Accountants can help you determine what your profit is and how this should translate into cash flow – this will in turn allow you to pinpoint the various stages in the cycle that need special attention and therefore allow you to make the right decision in the most measured way.

An accountant can also provide essential financial strategies for boosting your profit and growth.

Accountant Services

Here are just a few ways that the accountants at ABJ Business Solutions can help you achieve the profit and growth that you’re looking for:

  • daily bookkeeping services
  • simple payroll services
  • accounts receivable & accounts payable
  • tax and compliance services
  • company registration and deregistration
  • annual company reports
  • ASX compliance
  • cash flow forecasting
  • budgeting
  • asset protection
  • and more!

If you’re ready to get started, contact us today!