If you’re looking into hiring an accountant or another financial specialist to help you track and make sense of your small business finances, you may have come across the term “CFO.”  But what is a CFO?  And what can they do for your company? 

What Is a CFO? 

CFO stands for Chief Financial Officer.  A CFO is the head of a company’s financial division They are valuable financial experts with years of education, training and experience in all things accounting including financial planning, financial reporting, risk strategy, commercial strategy, compliance management and cash flow management. 

What Does a CFO Do? 

Chief Financial Officerdo many things. However, their main job can be summarised in one word: strategy. 

A CFO manages things like interpreting and analysing financial reports as well as business strategy. They also oversee company tax issues and advise on financial matters in your business, such as product pricing, job profitability and much more. 

However, as Forbes points out, the job of any modern CFO worth their salt is first and foremost to help drive and communicate business financial performance. 

How We Can Help! 

Here at ABJ Business Solutions, we’re dedicated to helping your business succeed through innovative and smart business financial services that help you make the best decisions about your company. 

In fact, we’re so keen to help you with your business’s financial strategy that our CFO wants to sit down with you and give you a free business financial health check, which we can use to build out your tailored strategy. 

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you with your business strategy.