As Covid-19 alters the world, business leaders are handed an opportunity to redesign their work structure and reshape the workplace of the future. But how exactly can the changes brought by this virus influence the office space going forward?

To Return or Not to Return? 

Smart leaders don’t just go with the flow, rather, they take swift action to study and shape their business with solutions that will work.

Now that the vaccine rollout has commenced, talk about bringing jobs back into the office has also commenced. But is it really necessary? To answer this question, let’s review working from the office versus working from home.

The Office Setup Highlights Community

Working in the office brings different individuals together into a single community with shared culture and values. It also promotes collaboration and face-to-face interaction. This setup allows people to really get to know each other, creating a team environment in the process.

The Work from Home Arrangement is about Flexibility

The work from home arrangement has been around for a long time. When the lockdown began, employers had no choice but to work from home.

Implementing the work from home arrangement is easier now more than ever, thanks to the power of cloud technology. The benefits include time-saving by removing long commutes and office distractions. Also, employers can save on office space and other expenses.

The Balancing Act

The workplace and the remote work setup are here to stay. It’s not about choosing which one is best because both work arrangements have benefits and drawbacks. Instead, it’s about finding the balance between the two.

Virtual Networking will Continue Even After the Pandemic

Networking is a crucial business activity. It helps business owners establish friendships, create stronger connections, generate opportunities, improve their business profiles, and source advice from experts.

With the help of technology, we can connect with business leaders from around the world using LinkedIn, video conferencing apps, and virtual events.


Covid-19 may have altered the office space and the way we work, but it has given us fresh perspectives on how we do things. We have benefited from working remotely and created new habits and practices like virtual networking. Despite everything, we will survive and thrive because of our ability to adapt and the technologies available make it all possible.

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