Starting in October, you’ll need to reconfirm your eligibility to the JobSaver program to continue receiving your cash flow boost.


Key points

  • You’ll need to reconfirm your eligibility every fortnight, starting in October, to continue receiving your JobSaver payments. In the meantime, September payments will continue even if you do not confirm eligibility.
  • The first JobSaver reconfirmation fortnight is on 13-26 September 2021.
  • If your business remained closed due to restrictions, you won’t need to provide additional information to prove your eligibility, just select ‘yes’ on the confirmation screen to indicate a continued decline in turnover of at least 30%.
  • You’re allowed to delay your reconfirmation and do it for multiple fortnights in one go.
  • You can receive your payments within 5 days after you reconfirm your eligibility.


This decision was given after the NSW Government received additional funding, allowing them to extend several COVID-19 economic support measures, including JobSaver.

“We are giving businesses, employees, and families across the State certainty they can access the financial help needed to get them through,” Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said in a media release.

However, because some industries and regions are beginning to bounce back from restrictions, JobSaver recipients must confirm that they’re still eligible for the program.

“With some industries and regions beginning to emerge from restrictions, we’re asking businesses to reconfirm their eligibility every fortnight,” Service NSW stated on its website.

Here’s the other information you’ll need to prepare for this requirement.


How to reconfirm your eligibility to JobSaver

You can reconfirm your eligibility in your Service NSW Business Profile. Once you’re logged in, consider these two options:

  • If your business remains closed due to restrictions, you don’t need to recalculate your turnover decline.

You can complete the reconfirmation process by simply selecting ‘yes’ in the ‘confirm your eligibility’ screen of your Service NSW Business Profile. This is to specify that your business is still experiencing a 30% or higher turnover decline.

You also won’t need to provide additional evidence or documentation. But make sure to maintain enough records to prove your eligibility if required at a later date. 

  • If your business is open during the relevant fortnight, you must calculate your turnover decline to know if it still meets the 30% turnover threshold.

To compare your turnover decline with the current eligibility period, you can use any of the options below. Choose which one suits your circumstances best.

Take note: You must use the same comparison period each time you reconfirm your eligibility. 


Option 1: Same year, corresponding fortnight

If your initial comparison period was in 2019 or 2020, use the same year when you confirm your eligibility. Make sure to use the fortnight from the year equivalent to the current eligibility period.


Option 2: Same year, same comparison fortnight

If your initial comparison period was in 2019 or 2020, use the same year when you confirm your eligibility. But if the corresponding fortnight doesn’t show a turnover decline, you can use the same comparison fortnight you used in your application.


Option 3: 12 June to 25 June 2021 as the comparison period

If your initial comparison period was from 12 June to 25 June 2021, use this same period when confirming your eligibility.


JobSaver reconfirmation fortnight

According to Accountants Daily, a news site for Accountants, the NSW government has settled on a date for the first JobSaver reconfirmation fortnight

You will now need to confirm that you continue to have at least 30% of turnover decline and have maintained employee headcount starting from the fortnight of 13-26 September 2021. The previous fortnight date, 30 August to 12 September 2021, will be removed from the Service NSW confirmation page by the end of this week.


Can you delay the reconfirmation process?

You’re also allowed to delay your reconfirmation – so, if you’re waiting to finalise your month-end accounting records, once completed, you can reconfirm for multiple fortnights in one go, based on the information provided in your MyServiceNSW Business Profile.


What happens if you become ineligible for a fortnight?

Failing to meet the turnover decline threshold for one fortnight doesn’t disqualify you to the JobSaver program – you will just stop receiving payments for that particular fortnight. But once your turnover declines again by 30%, you can continue receiving payments.

You can still apply for JobSaver if you haven’t done so already. Applications are open until 18 October 2021. For more information about the program and its eligibility requirements, read this article: Updates on the JobSaver Program

If you need the help of a qualified accountant to guide you through the process, you may contact us.


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