Here’s Why No Two Accountants Are the Same


So, your small business is ready to hire an accountant to help track, manage, and plan your financials.  That’s great!  However, there is one mistake that many small business owners make when first searching for an accountant; they assume they are all alike!  They scroll through Google, contact a few accountants and go with the one with the lowest quote.


Although accountants must all complete a minimum level of tertiary education, their services, skills and expertise can vary wildly.  For these reasons, it’s crucial that you choose the right accountant the first time around to maximise your returns and save you headaches and frustration down the road.  Here are a few reasons that accountants differ and what you can do to make sure you’re choosing a good one!


Not Every Accountant is Commercial


Although your accountant may understand the reconciliation of your accounts they may not always translate and explain what your numbers mean for your business. How many times has your accountant handed you a set of accounts without providing you with any guidance or advice on what you need to do to grow your business? Or to produce higher margins? This is a key area to focus on when choosing an accountant.


Not Every Accountant Understands Taxes


Let’s say for instance your accountant is preparing your tax returns for the end of the year.  They come back to you and tell you that you owe an exorbitant amount to the government.  You take their word for it and end up overpaying!


Tax laws are extremely complicated for businesses which is why you pay an accountant to handle all of that in the first place.  The problem is if they don’t fully understand the deductions you can claim, or they mishandled your books throughout the year, you could end up overpaying your taxes!


Not Every Accountant Can Handle the Work Load


Have you ever taken on more business than you could handle?  The same can happen to accountants and bookkeepers!  Especially if they’re understaffed and have too many clients, your monthly financial reports can end up being sloppy and full of errors.  You want to work with an accountant and a bookkeeper that can provide you with their undivided attention.  The end result is that you need an accountant that will provide you with accurate numbers in a timely manner.




How to Choose the Right Accountant


Now that we’ve covered the things to avoid, here are a few tips to help you choose the right one for your business.


Make sure they’re certified or chartered


You want to know that the accountant you choose has the adequate education and training and is qualified to work with small businesses.  The qualification essentially means that they’ve completed the required education and workplace experience your business needs.


Check for reviews


You can find a review online for just about anything.  You might look at reviews before heading to a new restaurant, so why wouldn’t you look for accountant reviews?  Check online for testimonials and do some social media research to see who they are connected to and how they talk about their services. Ask for references if you have to.


You want someone that’s proactive


Accountants do more than just manage your money; they should also be proactive in their efforts to save you money!  After all, you could just as easily use a software platform to manage your books; what you need is a human that knows the local laws and regulations and understands your books inside and out…….and you want an accountant who is commercial!




If you’re in the market for a new bookkeeper or accountant, contact us today!  We have years of experience in this industry and you can count on us to keep your money safe while looking for new avenues for profit.


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