JobSeeker Allowance

Last updated 26th March 2020

Centrelink benefits are available to eligible applicants at $1,100 per fortnight plus two $750 stimulus payments.

What is available

The COVID-19 JobSeeker allowance is available to individuals unemployed or stood down due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Eligible individuals are entitled to $1,100 per fortnight plus two $750 stimulus payments.

How to apply

Individuals new to Centrelink can create a Centrelink account online. Click here for more information on creating a Centrelink account.

Individuals with a Centrelink CRN that is linked to their MyGov account. Log onto your MyGov account and click claim a payment.

Have you registered intention?

If you’ve registered an intention to claim, you don’t need to wait for Centrelink to contact you. You can go online to set up your Centrelink online account and then start a claim.

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