JobKeeper Details and Key Dates

Last updated 7th May 2020

The JobKeeper Payment Scheme is available to small business owners to subsidise wages for each eligible employee at $1,500 per fortnight.

Key dates

By 8th May 2020 – Pay eligible employees to claim JobKeeper for April 2020

By 31st May 2020 – Step 1: Enrol for JobKeeper & Step 2: Identify and maintain your eligible employees


Before you enrol and make claim; check that your business is eligible, check that your employees are eligible, complete the nomination process and set up systems to enrol.

Monthly Business Declaration and Administration

Each month, complete Step 3 and make a business monthly declaration. The monthly declaration is to notify the ATO of your current GST turnover for reporting month and projected GST turnover for the following month. Note: this does not affect eligibility, once approved, businesses are eligible until September 2020.

How to apply

From 20th April 2020, you can enrol in the JobKeeper scheme on the ATO website using an online form. Click here to enrol.

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