City of Sydney Small Business Grant

Last updated 21st April 2020

The City of Sydney is offering eligible businesses a grant of $10,000 to invest in: a change in the operating model; e-commerce; training; and / or capital works.

What is available

The City of Sydney has offered the chance for eligible businesses to apply for a $10,000 small business grant. Applications closed on 27th April 2020.

Successful Applicants

Successful applicants who receive the small business grant may use the funds for:

  • Operating model change – new packaging, purchasing or leasing equipment, marketing costs or investment into new resources
  • Online and e-commerce – e-commerce platforms, online content development or digital marketing
  • Training and professional development – training in online and e-commerce activates, training courses, seminars, workshops or conferences when in person gathering are permitted or in-house courses delivered by an external provider
  • Capital works – costs associated with purchasing and installing new equipment and alterations to an existing building.

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