Hiring an accountant is a big decision, especially if you’re just starting your business or are struggling to keep up with all the pressures and duties of business ownership.

In this post, we hope to explain how an accountant may be just the thing that you need to help get your business off the ground and making a profit!

Three Qualities Every Great Accountant Has

If you’re thinking of hiring an accountant, there are three things to look for.

First, they must have strong leadership skills.  An accountant must be a good leader because they must be focused on the bottom line and unafraid to speak the truth about what the numbers say.  Good accountants won’t hesitate to take charge of your financial data.  They’ll use their professional skill and experience to give you the facts, analysis and advice that you need to make good business strategy decisions.

Second, they must be detail-orientated.  While this may be a no-brainer, it’s so important, it bears mentioning, especially in the context of business financial strategy.  A great accountant must be able to look over massive amounts of raw data, understand it, analyse it, spot inconsistencies, read patterns or holes in order to accurately help you create a good business strategy.

Finally, communication is key to being a good accountant.  A good accountant has the ability to interpret data and communicate it in a way to a business owner that is clear, concise and relevant so that the right story is being told to ensure that the right decisions are being made in a timely manner.


Bottom Line

So, to answer the question in our post’s title once and for all, the answer is yes!  An essential part of any good accountant’s services will be to provide you with great business strategy using their unique set of leadership skills!

If you want an accountant with great leadership, communication and attention to detail, check out the accounting services at ABJ Business Solutions!