Today’s blog is the first of a four-part series outlining business survival tips during Covid-19. Today’s three tips focus on stakeholder opportunities and implemented well, will increase the odds of your business survival and put it in a strong position to thrive post hibernation.

We all know how significant the impact that Covid-19 has had on the Australian economy and on Australian businesses – we have seen everything from a reduction in sales to disrupted supply chains to reduced productivity, to name but a few. We encourage you to read the tips below and use this period as a catalyst for growth and business improvement. 


Customers are a critical component to any business – be it for survival or for growth. Even when you are juggling lots of competing objectives, do not forget that the customer is at the centre of your business. Focus on retaining your customers, being empathetic with your customers and providing a high-level quality service or product to your customers.

This is the time to go above and beyond for your customers and make them a customer for life. It is time to throw in the free dessert, the room upgrade, or the extra time that they need from you.


Talk to your suppliers regularly and be honest about the state of your business. Communication is important at the best of times, let alone during periods of uncertainty. Make sure that your key suppliers understand that they are an important part of your offering.

It is also key to your survival that you are securing supply chains and that you are certain your goods and services will not be disrupted.

Finally, with honest communication and securing the supply of your goods, it is fair and reasonable to ensure that pricing works for all parties involved – negotiate pricing so that it is a win-win for all.

Working with your suppliers will help build strong relationships that will last for years to come.

Dream Team

Surround yourself with the dream team. The three elements of the dream team are staff, advisors and your extended network.

Having the right staff is just as critical as having customers. Further, ensuring that your management team is empowered to help you deliver your clear and measurable goals will go a long way to help the business itself deliver on its objectives.

It is more important than ever to utilise expert advice available to you, especially during this period – it may be the difference between your survival or demise. Select advisors who are knowledgeable in their field and whose values align with yours.

Finally, your extended network of friends, family and community will help you through the dark days and make the good days more enjoyable. We are seeing unexpected collaborations emerge, including competitors working together to serve their customers.

This is an opportunity to emerge from this pandemic with a team you are proud to work with and a community you are proud to be a part of.


Covid-19 can act as a catalyst for instilling positive change into your business. Use this period in time to a) focus on your customers, b) work with your suppliers and c) surround yourself with the right people to ensure that you survive and are ready for life post hibernation.

Let Us Help

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