About ABJ Business Solutions

Our team is passionate about finance and helping you take your business to the next level

Your Financial Services Partner

ABJ Business Solutions are an experienced team of accountants, financial managers and consultants who specialise in measuring business performance and driving the operational efficiency of small to medium size companies.

We at ABJ Business Solutions work with you as a true financial partner, focusing on the future of your business and providing innovative solutions on a contract or “as needs required” basis. Through our collaboration and consultation with you, we tailor our services to best achieve your operational and financial goals.

Our services range from simple and effective bookkeeping solutions, right through to acting as your ‘on-call’ CFO providing strategic insights and direction.

Experience that works for you

Across the ABJ Business Solutions team, we have many years of experience in the financial management of a diverse range of businesses – from banking and corporate clients to an array of independent businesses across many different sectors.
Your business will benefit from the expertise of our entire team, bringing big business financial capability into your hands.

A Holistic view of your finances

We provide deep financial insights and solutions that takes into account all elements within the day to day function of your business, now and into the future:
• Manage cash flow and source working capital
• Map company strategy into measurable financial forecasts
• Delivering the right information for making key business decisions and prioritising opportunities
• Track financial performance and manage risk
• Optimising reporting and compliance processes
• Assisting with the set-up of your Budget Planner
• Providing the function of Financial manager and Financial Controller

These are key needs for growing any business. At ABJ Business Solutions, our goal is to partner with you to make your company work smarter and grow faster! Supporting you as your true financial service partner.

Get your free financial health check

One of our CFOs will get in contact with you to undertake a free financial health check that monitors the progress of your business.
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