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Your preferred Financial Sydney Advisors. What is a Chief Financial Officer (CFO)?

Just like you are passionate about your business, we’re a team of passionate Chief Financial Officers who provide business advice to help your business succeed and grow. We can be your independent financial advisors in Sydney – or your on-call CFO.

If you would rather focus on doing what you’re good at, and your business can grow and prosper with the addition of professional business advice, then we’ll make a great team. As your business consultant and trusted advisors, we add value to take your business to the next level.

As your financial advisors in Sydney – your Chief Financial Officer (CFO), we are ideally suited to take the tedium out of company accounting and accounting responsibilities; out of management accounting and reporting; and out of forecasting and scenario analysis. You need quality information to make the best business decisions possible, and we truly enjoy setting up systems to collect data and making it useful for you. Good key performance indicators rely on accurate information, and when KPI’s are relevant and measured, they can drive your business success.

Your products and services can be more profitable, and your client relationships will prosper with business advice from a financial analyst at your side. A full-time senior financial expert may be out of your company’s reach at this stage, but we can be one for you on an as-needed basis. As you grow, your business needs change and we can tailor services that will build on our knowledge of your business. An ongoing commitment that we engineer in partnership with you, will see your business prosper into the long-term.

ABJ Business Solutions is a team of expert commercial Chief Financial Officers (CFO’s) who work in their customer’s businesses.

We facilitate substantially greater financial liquidity and profitability in
our client’s businesses because we can:

• Locate and release cash tied up in your business
• Get your business market ready to raise funds
• Provide you with accurate analytical information to validate
decisions involving a large cash outlay
• Install financial controls that maximize future cash flow and profitability
• Produce financial and business key performance indicators that align
company strategy and individual performance measures.

A proactive CFO is strategically oriented to help you work through options that enable you to make the best decisions as business opportunities arise. As your financial advisors in Sydney, we’re not only there to help you meet your company’s statutory obligations but also to help you with government assistance that is available.

A Chief Financial Officer is only a phone call away to: work with you to achieve your goals and your company’s goals; let you get on with activities that attracted you to being a business owner; be your business advocate.

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